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The appointment was scheduled for 11am on the 25t April, 2018. The CEO of the radio welcomed us and Mr Sule Jacob’s gave the opening remarks. Miss Abiona  Ayisat, the director of publication introduced the other directors to the man and the names of the directors are Mr Oyetayo Peter, the director of advocacy, Mr Bakare Sulaiman the director of programs, Mr Akobi  Tomiwa the director of media, Mr Mustapha Mustapha Babatunde the director of content planning and Mr Sule Jacob the founder of the initiative. After the introduction, she gave a small summary on how the initiative came to being, birthed and what is called iread to live initiative. She also appreciated the man for accommodating us.

Mr Mustapha Babatunde gave a summary of the team visit to all the schools and ifetedo and the challenges facing those schools. Mr Bakare Sulaiman talked about the iTEACH FTD that took place this year. Mr Oyetayo Peter discussed the debate competition and spelling bee that took place during the iTEACH FTD Program. Mr Akobi Tomiwa talked in regards to how the initiative had been funding itself.

Mr Sule Jacob concluded the whole talk and he told the man the importance of advocacy to the initiative and it will be of great help to the initiative if he assist in that aspect so that our voices will not only be heard in Ifetedo but across the whole state.

The CEO commended our efforts. He said the educational system in Nigeria is at its lowest and education is very important and deeming the light of education is the beginning of the ruin of a country. Educational system in Ifetedo is the same with all other rural areas in the state. Most of our leaders come from these rural setting areas but fail to give back the community that birthed them.

He agreed to give us a platform to advocate our vision to the world that that advocacy is the key to greater heights. The station has programs that have to do with education and he promised to invite us to one of the programs. He promised to invite us on a 15 minutes program tagged “FOR THE LOVE OF NIGERIA”.

He encouraged us that despite the disappointments we may face, we shouldn’t give up nor let it draw us back but it should makes us stronger and determined to accomplish our mission. The works of the initiative has more impact than words of most religious leaders.

He advised us to have a website in which the pictures and videos of our programs will be uploaded which may attract funding from international organizations.

The visit was concluded with appreciations from the founder Mr Sule Jacob to the CEO of Rave Fm and group pictures were taken with the man.

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