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General Overview

In a bid to continue with the vision of the initiative, public schools within Ifetedo were visited, these schools comprise of both Primary and Secondary schools. The public schools visited were : Ifetedo Primary School, Ifetedo Grammar School ((IGS), L.A Middle School, St. Peters Anglican Primary School, and Ansar-Ud-Deen Primary school.

The purpose for the visitation was to inquire about the challenges, problems and teething troubles the schools faced. Our inquisition was particularly restricted to snags in relation to teachers, classroom furniture, teaching and writing materials, number of pupils and students per school.

While at the schools, efforts were made to get information from the head administrators of the schools. Some of them we were privileged to meet while the others were not available; notwithstanding their absence, some information as regards the problems the school was confronted with was still made available by their representatives.

The administrators or representatives had things to say as regards the challenges the schools encountered. No doubt, all the schools had at least one problem it was confronted with which ranged from insufficient teachers to inadequate writing and teaching materials. Although some schools like Ifetedo Primary School had peculiar challenges such as insecurity and the presence of miscreants on the school premises after school hours as one of its challenge.

After the inquisition, the telephone numbers of some administrators or their representatives were collected. All these were done from 8:00am- 10:00am.

Below are the challenges the schools face as well as the challenges the Foundation might face.





Challenges of the Schools

S/N Name of School Teachers Classrooms & Furniture No. of pupils/Students Writing Materials Name of Administrator
1 Ifetedo Primary School There ought to be 15 teachers but the school has only 8 teachers. The administrator believes that 7 more teachers will make the teachers adequate. Chairs and tables are being managed, but there may be need for more. 235 They are barely adequate and are only being managed. Chief Adeoti
2 Ansar-Ud-Deen Primary School 8 teachers (including Head Master and Assistant). About 3to 4 more extra teachers will be needed. There are six classrooms. Writing materials will be needed.
3 Ifetedo Grammar School  There are 7 permanent teachers (including 1 Principal and 2 Vice Principals).In addition 8 non-permanent teachers: two student teachers, one OYES teacher, and five Youth Corpers. Mrs. Abidoye (VP)
4 Saint Peters Anglican

Primary School

There are only three teachers in the school; a teacher handles two classes. There are adequate classrooms, but no teachers, because of this Primary 1 and 2 are merged, 3 and 4, 5 and 6. But more tables and chairs will be needed. 63-67 Writing materials are adequate. Mrs. J.F. Majikuyomi



5 L.A Middle School A total of 7 teachers (including Principal and Vice Principal). More teachers are needed, as they are in need of teachers to take 7 subjects which do not have teachers: Basic Science & Technology, CRS, PHE, Civic education, Agriculture, & Computer, as well as a teacher who will guide and counsel. There are adequate classrooms 110-120 Writing materials are not a Challenge Mrs. Okegbemi





  • Sourcing of Teachers:

Student teachers who ought to be sourced from Adeyemi College of education, Ondo might pose a challenge to the programme. When we interacted with a student-teacher from the College, Mr. Seyi Folorunsho stated the status quo of the Teaching Practice:

  • The posting for the next set of student-teachers will be in December this year. This might mean that the programme might kick off around that time, which may be late.
  • Students are allowed to select the schools of their choice where they decide to have their practice. Considering the rural setting of Ifetedo, the likelihood of students selecting this locality is low. And if they do, they might want to select the best institutions (schools that are conducive and have good infrastructure), and avoid the ones with low standards.
  • Students are not aided in any of the following respect: remuneration, feeding, and accommodation. Students personally take care of themselves. The schools they practice do not compensate them monetarily.

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